Antikythera Mechanism – Other Cinema 11/16

Antikythera Mechanism

At 992 Valencia Street at ATA Gallery in San Francisco X73’s David CoxJohn Smalley, and Rachel Levin weave together vocals, video, film, and music to rhapsodize on the Aegean Sea discovery of that ancient Greek astronomical clock that could forecast solar eclipses.

David Cox is on keyboards and guitar, baritone John Smalley and soprano Rachel Levin vocals. Both lecture/demo elements and sung/musical aspects are interwoven into a projected onscreen event.

This will be formed of archival footage, 3D graphics in collage essay construction.

The narrative will cover discovery of the actual Antikythera Mechanism, and will include historical analysis and revelations as to its most likely purpose as star calendar, prediction device for eclipses, the Olympiad and so on.

All films are projected onto a single screen behind the performers, David Cox plays all instruments, as John Smalley and Rachel Levin take turns to sing/narrate and on occasion, perform duets.